This event is NOT sold out, but please read the following if you are interested in attending: Former resident/artist of Paducah's Lower Town Arts District and current resident of Augusta, MO, Teri Moore works as a full-time visual artist. A unique and first of its kind installation will take place in the historic Columbia Theatre and you are invited to witness it!!!! One day ONLY (SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2018), we invite anyone to reserve a slot to take a walk through the 1927 art palace, viewing the artwork, but also taking in the beauty of this historic structure. There will also be activities on Broadway, including a bar and live music so make plans to come before your scheduled slot and feel free to stick around after. All proceeds will benefit the Columbia Theatre Restoration Project. These are super short tours and you MUST arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time to reserve a slot: 11:00am - SOLD OUT / 11:30am - SOLD OUT / 12:00pm - SOLD OUT / 12:30pm - SOLD OUT / 1:00pm - SOLD OUT / 2:30pm - 2 spots left / 3:00pm - 5 spots left / 4:00pm - 8 spots left / 4:30pm - 6 spots left / 5:00pm - SOLD OUT / 5:30pm - 3 spots left / 6:00pm - 5 spots left / 6:30pm - 9 spots left / 7:00pm - 9 spots left / 7:30pm - 10 spots left / 8:00pm - 7 spots left / 8:30pm - 7 spots left



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