The Twos Group (Winter 2019)
Wednesdays and Fridays — 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM
On Wednesdays, parents will participate in discussions intended to help them 
gain insight into their parenting choices, to foster independence and healthy separation, 
to promote understanding of their child’s unique temperament and to explore Jewish identity. 
On Fridays, children will participate in a stimulating structured playgroup, emphasizing social interaction. Led by experienced teachers, the activities will include enhancing music appreciation, arts and crafts, and celebrating Jewish holidays and traditions. Parents will have the 
opportunity to observe their children and learn from immediate unfolding situations.
(This session of the Twos Group is for children ages 24 months to 30 months.)

To have your name placed on a waiting list for a sold-out class, call (212) 507-9514.

We’re sorry, but registration for THE TWOS GROUP is closed.

QUESTIONS? Call (212) 507-9603.

Thank you!



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