Membership and School Registration
No Payment Due

Thank you for choosing to be a member of Kahal B'raira, Congregation for Humanistic Judaism. As a member, YOU are our most important resource.

This page is for use by people who are mailing us a check for payment of fees. Please fill out the page below so that we have complete up to date information about you (and your family.) Please also mail your check, payable to Kahal B'raira to: Kahal B'raira, 765 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138.  You will not have to provide credit card or other payment information.  You will have to give your contact info a second time at the bottom of the form since the system needs to send a receipt for all submissions even if no money is involved.  Thank you for allowing us to collect this info electronically and thereby save administrative time.   Questions or more info - 

Here are the rates for 2019 - 2020. 

Family Membership $1590

Individual Membership $930

Intro Under 35  $260

Sunday School Pre-K - 7  $890

Teen Club (8th & 9th grade) $ 640

Youth Group  $365

(You may deduct $50 in tuition for a second or third child) 

Family Information
Adult 1
Adult 2
If you are enrolling a child in Sunday school, pre-k to 9th grade or Youth Group, please answer the questions below for each child. If not, skip these questions.
(name and grade in KB if applicable)
To receive KB school communication (for example, only mom’s email; both parents emails).
(other than parent(s)
Who should we call first in an emergency and who should we call second (name and #)?
(Include learning needs, IEP’s, speech, hearing issues, social needs)
Photograph Release
I hereby authorize and give consent to Kahal B’raira to use photographs in which my household members appear while participating in Kahal B’raira and KB’s Sunday school and youth programs. Possible uses for photos include the bulletin, website, and promotional materials such as a brochure. Neither children nor adults will be identified by name in photo captions.
Your Information
Confirmation will be e-mailed to this address.
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