Thank you for your courage! Signing up for an experience such as our Women's Retreat is the first step on the path to deeper freedom. Whether you are discovering your deepest desires for the first time, or are ready to "...put out into the deep" (Luke 5:4), we are so grateful you have responded to the Lord's invitation to join Him on this journey. Below you will find all the information you need in order to register. 

The retreat will begin at 9 am on Saturday, May 1 and conclude at 11 am on Sunday, May 2.  The retreat will include times of discussion and activity, silence and prayer, laughter and maybe even some tears!  Four delicious meals, endless coffee and tea, beautiful grounds and views of the lake, and comfortable and peaceful accommodations.  Each woman will be placed in her own room by default.  If you would like to share a room with a family member, please contact Sister M. Veritas.  

The cost of the retreat is $135.  For those of you who are able to get away for longer, we invite you to come, relax, and enjoy our facilities with other women on Friday evening.  The retreat center will be open at 7 pm and you are welcome to bring your own food.  The add on for Friday night - Saturday morning is $50, (a total cost of $185).

In order to help each woman feel as comfortable as possible, the retreat is limited to 20 women.  All retreat sessions will allow for appropriate social distancing, and you are welcome to wear a mask if you desire.  

If you have any questions or concerns, or to request sharing a room with a family member, please contact Sister M. Veritas by phone or email!  (217) 321-1130  or



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