A Map for the Journey
A Daylong Retreat 
Saturday, Dec. 3rd.  9 am - 5 pm
with Robert Beatty

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This retreat is offered Hybrid In-Person and Online via Zoom.

When we are traveling through the wilderness it is extremely helpful to have a map. The same is true for the inward journey.

During my half century of spiritual practice, I have found the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path to be indispensable, utterly practical, and exquisite. In addition, some of the maps and practices created by Western Psychology offer perspectives that complement the Buddha’s way. In particular, the teachings of Carl Jung have been profoundly useful. I have created a map of the journey of awakening that is a synthesis of these wisdom teachings.

We will spend the day in meditation and contemplation, listening to Dharma talks and viewing the model that has evolved for me. My hope is that by experiencing this practical map you will better understand your spiritual journey and feel supported along the way.

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