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The Stella Maris Seafarers Center of Lake Charles was formed in April of 1962. The mission of the center was always, and is still today, to bring the Church to the people of the sea. We are called to welcome the stranger to the Diocese and to offer materials and prayers to the seafarers to maintain their faith life. We do this through offering rides to get the items they need, to offer the Sacraments to them physically and through reading materials and sacramental, to offer counseling to them to help them through their contracts. If needed to get other organizations involved to help seafarers with problems which arise on some ships.

In the past year 967 ships visited the port facilities of the Lake Charles area. Center staff and volunteers visited 722 of these ships and transported 5,265 seafarers in our vans. The center had 1,018 seafarers visit the center to make use of free WiFi and the games we offer. We celebrated five Masses and held one Communion Service onboard ships and 12 Masses and one Communion Service in the chapel at the center. We do our best to help the seafarers any way we can, we do some shopping for the ones that cannot come ashore, offer SIM cards for their cellular phones allowing them to stay in touch with their families.

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