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You are also eligible for a thank-you gift at your new donation amount.

Thank-you Gifts

If you're currently donating to C89.5 on a monthly basis, you're eligible for a thank you gift at your new monthly giving amount. 

You can choose from the list below. Your support is greatly appreciated!

$5 per month or more 

C895 Pet Collar Tag - Green

PET MEMBERSHIP – Your beloved companion will be acknowledged as an official C89.5 Member with:

  • A heart-shaped metal collar tag with the C89.5 logo
  • A photo on our “Wall of Fame” and on social media
  • A shout-out on air!


$10 per month or more 

C89.5 Fiftieth Anniversary T-shirt

C89.5 50th ANNIVERSARY T-Shirt – Black, with C89.5
"Disco Ball" logo in gold glitter ink




$20 per month or more

SAVE THE WAVE Non-Stop Web Stream – 24/7 New Wave and 80's dance mixes by Save the Wave's DJ Trent Von.




$30 per month or more

Club 89.5

Club 89.5 members are automatically entered into monthly contests for tickets to festivals, concerts, events, and local clubs around Puget Sound. 



- OR - 

Kaito Emergency Radio

EMERGENCY RADIO AND PHONE CHARGER – A portable radio that can be recharged with a hand-crank or solar panel or connected to a USB charger or runs on AAA batteries. The radio receives AM/FM, Shortwave, and NOAA weather channels. It will also charge mobile phones (works on iPhone and Android.)

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