Hike to Help!
Saturday, March 14th at 10:00AM 
Suggested Donations
Adults $30.00
Children $10.00 



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Hold Harmless Agreement for Events, Workshops and Hikes
Learning Outside is an outdoor learning organization that provides programs for children of all ages. All programs are held entirely outdoors at Irvin Nature Preserve, 269 acres of pasture, forest and wetlands preserved in perpetuity by the Triangle Land Conservancy in Orange County.

Activities in Learning Outside's programs may include, but are not limited to:

work with woodworking hand tools, interaction with goats, chickens and other farm animals as well as cats and/or dogs, drawing, painting, printmaking, other arts and crafts activities, nature crafts, singing, song writing, storytelling, dance, creative drama, puppet making, nature exploration, shelter building from natural materials, fire building, cooking, animal tracking, running games and other strenuous physical activity, archery, walking along the farm driveway to the pond, pond exploration and wading in the pond, hikes in the woods and to the creek, creek exploration and wading in the creek, gardening, farm chores and more.

Risks inherent in these activities include, but are not limited to:

· exposure to biting insects, ticks, poison ivy, and poisonous snakes

· exposure to diseases carried by ticks and other biting insects

· walking, hiking, running in hot or otherwise inclement weather

· falls from slipping on pond banks, or tripping on rocks, tree stumps, branches, and uneven terrain

· injuries from use of sharp tools for carving, whittling, gardening and/or woodworking, or glue guns and allergic reaction from exposure to paints, paper mâché paste, cement, and other art materials during arts and crafts activities

· burns from hot plate, camp fire, or hot food/liquids during cooking activities

· drowning or injury while wading or playing in natural bodies of water

· accidents on the driveway

· risks normally associated with travel in a car driven by camp staff or the parent of one of the campers

I understand that there are risks inherent with my participation in events, workshops or other gatherings at Learning Outside related to the activities provide as well as with transportation to and from the Irvin Nature Preserve. I nevertheless voluntarily assume all risks of loss, damage or injury that may be sustained through my, or my family member's participation in Learning Outside's programs or events.

I agree to hold Learning Outside, Wendy Banning, Learning Outside's Director as well as Learning Outside's Board, other staff and volunteers, and Triangle Land Conservancy harmless for any injuries I, or other attending family members, may incur during my participation in such activities or while traveling to and from such activity.
I have read the above and agree to all terms.
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