Thank you for supporting the Eternal Investment Campaign at Teens For Christ! God has provided several large gifts (and many people's faithful giving!) to reduce the debt, so that we are way ahead on paying down our mortgage. After just 3 years, we owe less than $180,000 on the original $300,000!

That may sound like a lot of money, but when we break it into “Finishing Stones” of $1,000 each, we only need 170 people (or equivalent) to step up during this year, and we will be mortgage free by the end of the year. Your continued generosity will help us pay off our mortgage and apply more funding to ministry programs instead of paying interest. This will allow us to expand our ministry scope and reach to many more teens as we allocate more funds to programs reaching teens for Christ.

Here is our vision for how you can help:

  • Adopt one or more Stones of $1,000 to donate this year. As the money comes in, we will pay off the mortgage, so the earlier you donate, the less interest we pay, but a gift anytime during the year helps us meet the vision.
  • Make a pledge: $84/month for the year would be one Stone. $42/month for a year would be a half stone. $21/month for the year would be ¼ Stone.
  • Share with others who care about teens. The more people God uses, the lighter the burden and sacrifice for each of us.
  • Pray diligently. This is a God-sized task, larger in a single year than TFC has ever seen God accomplish, but I believe He can do it.
  • Keep up your regular giving – it would be a mixed blessing if we paid off the mortgage, but could not pay the light bill or insurance.

Donations made by check should include a note stating that they are for the Eternal Investment Fund and should be mailed to:

Teens For Christ
PO Box 920
Hudson, WI 54016

Thank you for your generous support. We look forward to expanding the reach and scope of this ministry together with you.

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