Winter Solstice


Instructor: Kaia Svien, M.S., Spiritual Guide, Program Designer Mindfulness -
Changing Times, and Performance Artist, Doe Hoyer
When: Saturday December 21st, 2019, 5:30 p.m. -
Saturday December 22nd, 2019, 12:00 p.m.
Where: WEI's Amador Hill Farm and Orchard
15715 River Road, North Branch, MN 55056
Registration Fee: $100

An intimate soul-searching night of Awakening. During the Longest Night of the year, nestled into deep winter, we'll look into the emotional burdens we've each been carrying this year and invoke transformation and release from them as the Sun begins its return.

Full Course Description:

Join us for an overnight gathering at the Women's Environmental Institute as we honor the teachings of the Long Nights that speak to us of release and renewal. Drawing on ancient wisdom ways of some cultures that look to Winter Solstice as a sacred opportunity for transformation, we'll witness and so, release troubling events of this last year. We'll glean the insights hidden in the loss, anger, sorrow and fear we move through. Cleansed, renewed, brought to a deeper level of wholeness, we'll receive an invitation to love ourselves more deeply as we celebrate the returning light of the year that is birthing.

Meditating, deepening, entering times of silence, walking through a moon-lit orchard, witnessing a performance artist speak to your heart with her movements, journeying with symbols to unlock your inner knowing, singing, drumming, feasting, and sharing with community await you. Join us.

Be ready to stay up late on Friday night as we journey into the night.

If you are grounded in a tradition other than European-based spirituality and are comfortable receiving teachings that come through a European channel, please feel welcome in joining us for Winter Solstice. The tradition we draw on Euro-pagan.

Instructor Bio:

Kaia Svien, M.S., Spiritual Guide and Program Designer Mindfulness for Changing Times. Kaia is a mindfulness meditation instructor, a spiritual advisor, author and cultural change agent. Her spiritual seeking is grounded in the emerging ancient wisdom ways of Europe; her social justice activism has been greatly influenced by her study with Joanna Macy over the last 30 years. Kaia is inspired by the widespread awakening of unitive consciousness in these turbulent times.

Other Details:

Food: Potluck Style - Bring a vegetarian, gluten-free dish to share for dinner Friday (we will start eating shortly after everyone arrives at 5:30 - so prepare a dish that warms up quickly or is a fresh vegetable dish or prepackaged). Breakfast on Saturday, snacks and drinks for both days provided by Jacquelyn (WEI) and Kaia.

Arrival Time: For some of you coming from the Twin Cities, WEI is welcoming you to come earlier on Friday to avoid traffic problems with late afternoon travel. If you arrive late, food will still be on the table in the WEI facility, but we hope to start the program in the Turtle Dome soon after eating behind the Eco-Retreat Center in the woods.

Refreshments: WEI will provide coffee and tea.

Overnight Accommodations at WEI: Included in your registration fee. The Eco-Retreat Center has three individual bedrooms as well as shared rooms. Rooms will be assigned first come, first serve upon registration. Contact WEI for further information (651) 583-0705 or

What to Bring:

  • Vegetarian, gluten-free potluck dish for supper
  • Vegetarian item to add to breakfast frittata
  • Pillows and blanket (or sleeping bag) for guided meditation
  • Returnable symbol of something you want to release
  • Returnable symbol of personal transformation for group altar
  • Warm clothing, including boots for walking outdoors
  • Comfortable clothing you can stretch in
  • Flashlight
  • Journal & pen
  • Eye Cover
  • Drum and shaker
  • Imagination, Passion & Love of Nature

Alison Doe Bridinger is a European-American performance artist, vocalist and dancer whose work seeks to support a remembrance of our sacred interconnection with all Life. Within and beyond a performance setting, Doe integrates prayer, sitting still, feeling, dancing, singing, honesty and forgiveness as valued spiritual practices that promote this intention within herself and in relationship with other beings.



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