Join friends, family and co-workers across the Diocese of Sioux City online to celebrate with Bishop Nickless on 25 years of the Bishop's Dinner for Catholic Schools!  Join with a glass of wine from a winery in our Diocese or a cup of great coffee, brewed here in the Diocese at Jumpy Monkey Coffee in Sioux City.  

This event serves as the largest fundraiser conducted by the Catholic School Foundation of the Diocese of Sioux City and provides funding for each of the sixteen school systems within our diocese. Over 5600+ students in Catholic schools throughout northwest Iowa will benefit from your generosity!  Our schools help build solid foundations of faith for our young people. 

Please reserve your ticket to the virtual event by August 1, 2021, to ensure delivery of beverages by August 21st.  Once your ticket is reserved, we will send the Zoom link to your email prior to August 21st.

Thank you again for your commitment to Catholic education! We look forward to "seeing" you on Saturday, August 21st!






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Wine Descriptions:

Santa Maria Wine Offerings

Rosie's Rose: Rosie has traded in her riveter for a refreshing glass of Rose wine!  With notes of pear, melon and grapefruit, this versatile wine pairs well with a variety of cuisines.  Served well chilled, this Rose certainly Can Do It.

NV Malbec: Robust and full-bodied, the Malbec boasts layers of plum, cherries, berries and spice.  Big earthy tannins from French oak barrel aging make this wine pair perfectly with grilled beef and vegetables.

2018 Chardonnay: Elegant & rick with lovely aromas of apple, pear and honeydew.  Beautifully balanced and medium-bodied.


Soldier Creek Wine Offerings:

St. Pepin 2020: This St. Pepin is off-dry and refreshingly crisp with notes of grapefruit and jasmine.  It is best served chilled with Thai curry or garlic-buttered lobster or quite enjoyable on its own.  Cheers!

Brianna 2020: Our Brianna has been highly awarded, and is deliciously sweet with aromas of peaches and tropical fruits.  Serve chilled with goat cheese or your favorite creamy dessert.  Enjoy!

Marquette 2020: A fruit-forward, bold, dry red loaded with aromas of raspberry, cherry and ripe strawberry.  With beautifully smooth tannins and light vanilla flavors to round out this wine, you'll want to keep coming back for more!


Coffee Descriptions:

Lewis & Clark Blend: 1lb medium-bodied; whole bean or ground

Vanilla Buttercream: 1lb; whole bean or ground

Columbian Decaf: 1lb smooth full-bodied; whole bean or ground

Flavored Sampler Box: 4 samples

Non-flavored Sampler Box: 4 samples

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