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Please send me all regular TFC and staff newsletters by email only. (Special publications may still be sent by mail.)
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Please use my monthly contribution(s) for the following purposes:

Teens For Christ, Inc. is a nondenominational, non-sectarian, 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit mission organization. The transfer date will be on or within a couple days after the 20th of each month.
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Please select one of the payment options below:
Monthly transfer from my CHECKING ACCOUNT.
Monthly transfer from my SAVINGS ACCOUNT.

Please email a picture of a voided check to: robync@teens4christ.com and chadp@teens4christ.com.
The transfer date will be on or within a couple days after the 20th of each month.
I authorize Teens For Christ to initiate the Electronic Funds Transfer as indicated on this form.
This permission to charge my bank account is the same as if I had personally signed a check to Teens For Christ.

This agreement will remain in effect until:
  1. I write a note or call Teens For Christ telling them to end this agreement and they have had a reasonable amount of time to act on it.

  2. OR

  3. Teens For Christ or my bank sends me 10 days’ written notice that this agreement will end.
In the event of an error, I have the right to tell my bank to reverse any transfer. However, I must tell them in writing within 15 days of the bank statement or within 45 days after the transfer was made.

I understand and agree that my bank is responsible for the accurate and timely posting of my transferred gift(s). In the event of an amount or double posting error, I will handle this problem directly with Teens For Christ.

I have read, understand and agree with the information on this form.
By entering my full name below, I have read, understand and agree with the information on this form and have emailed a picture of a check.

Thank you for your support of Teens For Christ ministries and staff. Through your investments each month, you are helping minister to and through American teens.

For questions, please email: Chadp@teens4christ.com
Phone: 1-715-386-2549
Electronic Payment: Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is an Electronic Payment?
    An Electronic Payment is an automatic payment made from your checking or savings account you have authorized. Once it is set up you will not have to do anything and it will disperse monthly.
  2. Does it cost me anything to make electronic payments?
  3. How do I sign up for Electronic Payments to Teens For Christ?
    Simply complete an ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION FORM and return it to Teens For Christ.
  4. Does it matter where I bank?
    No, you simply need to supply us with your bank information and the amount you wish to contribute monthly. You may choose to have a payment made from a checking or savings account. If your banking information changes, you will simply need to complete a new ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION FORM.
  5. What are the benefits to me?
    You won’t need to write a check each month or to pay for a stamp. You will never have to worry about forgetting to send a check or being out of town when you get a newsletter.
  6. What are the benefits to Teens For Christ?
    The most significant benefit is assured income. However, there are other benefits as well. This should save TFC the cost of some envelopes and if people sign up to receive literature from us by email only we will also save the cost of printing, and postage. If you are interested in taking advantage of these opportunities, please let us know.
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