1. Eighth (8th) graders wishing to take the December 2, 2023 Entrance Exam are required to submit this Application for Admission and Parent Authorization Form along with the $30 application fee to the JCA Admissions Office. All incoming freshmen must take JCA's Entrance Exam. There will be a makeup Entrance Exam on Saturday, December 9, 2023. Merit Based Scholarships (Heritage Awards and Franciscan/Carmelite Top Scorer Scholarships) are only awarded to students who take the first Entrance Exam on December 2, 2023. Both exams begin at 8 a.m. and will end at approximately 11:30 a.m..
  2. If you wish to enter JCA as a sophomore, junior, or senior; you are required to submit this Application for Admission along with an unofficial transcript from the student's current high school and the $30 application fee.


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Student Information
(city, state, county)
Please list the name and phone number of a person other than an immediate family member that knows your address and phone number:
Electronic Signature

As a parent/legal guardian of the above named child, my permission is given to release to Joliet Catholic Academy my student’s school records, including, but not limited to confidential academic, special education and disciplinary information, and records concerning my child. I also grant permission for Joliet Catholic Academy to dialogue openly with appropriate parties at my child’s current school about matters related to admissions and placement. 

I understand JCA will not accept a transfer student if he/she is suspended or expelled from his/her current high school.

I certify that the information provided on this application is accurate and true. I understand that falsified or incomplete information may result in the denial of admission and/or termination of enrollment at Joliet Catholic Academy.
Educational Status
List the names of any high schools where you have already taken an entrance exam or placement test
Transfer Information
(only for students applying for a transfer into
10th, 11th or 12th grade)
Name of grammar school/middle school/junior high you graduated from:
Term you are interested in enrolling:
Special Education Information
Check the accommodations/services below that you are currently receiving or have been recommended to receive:
Title I Reading
Title I Math
Learning Disabilities
Behavior Disorders
Speech Pathology
Specialized Instruction
Religious Information
Ethnic Background
Check the background with which you most closely identify:
Black (not of Hispanic origin)
American Indian or Alaskan Native
Asian or Pacific Islander
Family Information

Father/Stepfather/Guardian Information

Mother/Stepmother/Guardian Information
If parents live separately, please indicate which parent will be receiving Entrance Exam results at the above address:

Additional Family Information
List the names of any brothers or sisters currently attending Joliet Catholic Academy
List the names of any younger brothers or sisters
List the names of other family members who are alumni of SFA, DLS, JCHS, or JCA
Parent/Payer Information
This is the address where your credit card statements are mailed.
A receipt will be e-mailed to this address.
Your Payment Information


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