Thank you for registering your Bible Quiz Team with Teens For Christ. We appreciate your working with us to encourage youth to get into God’s Word and get God’s Word in to teens. 

Please provide email addresses for each of your teens, as this is how TFC will communicate announcements and results with them.


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Quiz Team Registration Information
Note: TFC reserves the right to ask a team to change a name that is unbiblical, demeaning or inappropriate to the goals and purposes of Bible Quizzing. We encourage teams to choose a name that is consistent with, and based on the text being studied each year. Team Names are not official until approved by TFC, and in the case of teams with similar names, the first team to submit a completed registration form and payment (for non-TFC Bible Club teams) will be allowed to use that name. Other teams requesting similar names will be asked to change.
Table Official Information
NOTE: Every team must register one table official NOT on the TFC staff (or ITE students). Table officials are expected to attend the Coaches/Table Officials training unless prior arrangements have been made. Table Officials should also include the Table Officials registration form with this registration.
Quizzer Information
Note: Quizzers must quiz with either their church-sponsored team or the geographically nearest Bible Club ONLY. Please see the coach’s manual for more information. It is NOT APPROPRIATE to recruit quizzers away from teams they quizzed with in previous years.
Payer Information
This is the address where your credit card statements are mailed.
A receipt will be e-mailed to this address.
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