MusiCamp 30

JUNE 1-7, 2020  12:30 - 4:00 PM

The Music Department is excited to offer your child the opportunity to participate in PCPC's MusiCamp. This is a one week offering of music, drama, costumes, sets, creativity and fun for rising 2nd - rising 6th graders (completion of 1st-5th grades by May 2020). Sorry, but no exceptions can be made. 

During camp week, the participants will learn a musical based on the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den, and present it during the 11:00 AM service in the Sanctuary on Sunday, June 7th. The musical will be the message of the morning during that service. 

MusiCamp has been one of the highlights of the summer for many children at PCPC for 30 years! Registration will be open until May 18th.

If you have any questions, or would like scholarship information, please contact Nancy Callahan: callahan@palmaceia.org


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per family 3-4 children

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I/we hereby authorize any hospital, clinic, physician, doctor, nurse, or technician to furnish my child, named above, any medical care and treatment necessary as a result of any injuries sustained or other emergency medical care treatment as the circumstances require during all onsite activities and events (referred to as “events”), including while being transported from and back to the church and while at the place of destination. I/we hereby authorize representatives of Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church (PCPC) to retain or acquire said medical care and treatment on my behalf if I cannot be reached by phone or there is not time or opportunity to make such a call. I/we also authorize PCPC to provide emergency transportation for my child. I/we agree to be responsible for payment of any and all medical treatment, services, or transportation rendered. I/we understand that PCPC does not provide any guarantee of medical confidentiality or transportation of my/our child to a specific physician or medical care facility.


I/ we do hereby agree, for my child and my child’s heirs, parents, guardians, representatives, successors, and assigns, to fully release, discharge, hold harmless, indemnify, and defend PCPC, its officers, administrators, trustees, staff, representatives, employees, contractors, volunteers, agents, affiliates, and insurers (“Released Individuals”) from and against any and all injuries, damages, claims, actions, expenses, liability, or losses of any kind to, or caused by, me or my child arising out of or in any way related to obtaining or providing medical treatment or emergency transportation for my child. I acknowledge that this release shall waive all rights by me, my child, or anyone acting on our behalf, individually or collectively, to pursue relief for injuries, damages, or losses against the Released Individuals in any forum and under any theory; including, but not limited to, theories of contract and tort. I further agree that this release unequivocally is intended to waive all claims against the Released Individuals due to any cause, including their own negligence or gross negligence. This release is effective as of the date written below and is to be construed according to the law of Florida. This release may be modified only in a writing signed by both me and an authorized representative of PCPC. I have executed this release freely and voluntarily and without duress or coercion of any kind. I further represent that I have been given adequate time to review this release and that I completely understand the language used in it as well as the rights waived by my signature. If any portion of this release is found invalid or overbroad by a court of competent jurisdiction, I agree that the remaining portions shall continue in full effect, or that the release will be modified to the minimum extent required to ensure validity, as appropriate.

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I grant permission to PCPC to photograph or videotape my child at MusiCamp and to publish, reproduce, and distribute such photos or videos in church publications, social media, and understand if declined, my child will not be able to perform in the program at the worship service on Sunday.

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I promise to be a faithful member of the community gathered. This means that I'll be respectful to all adults and children, listen to all instructions given, and be excited to be part of our activities. I understand that I am representing my church, my family, and God, and if I do not act within event expectations and in a respectful way at any event, my parents may be called, and I may not be able to remain at the event.

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