Trauma Resiliency and Healing through Music and Worship

Leader: Dr. Camisha Chambers

RECORDED on May 18, 2024 



Worship and music both aid in self-regulation/healing and each holds value individually and collectively. In 2023, the National Institute on Health reported that more than 1 in 5 adults live with mental illness. This is heavily attributed to the variety of traumatic experiences one has endured in a lifetime. However, there is an antidote readily available to assist. Music has been intricately woven into society’s fabric, and held individuals, entities, and movements together for more than two centuries. From ancient medical practices to modern day science, music has been consulted for its’ vast healing properties. This session offers participants the chance to unpack the gift known as music while identifying its’ neurological impact. Additionally, participants will learn how to incorporate trauma-informed worship practices within their respective churches to assist congregants navigating challenging times. Lastly, participants will have the opportunity to depart with 2-3 practical applications that promote positive emotional health and well-being.

This session covers the following three important topics:

Part 1: The Many Faces of Trauma

9/11/2001, Mass Shootings, Police Brutality, Injustice, Mass Incarceration, Tyre Nichols, Breonna Taylor, and so much more. Trauma is more prevalent in 2024 than ever before. It can take on many forms and show up in a variety of ways within our bodies. For example, one may have not experienced a particular traumatic challenge firsthand, yet there is still an impact. This portion is designed to unpack the different types of traumas, its’ individual and collective effects, and practical tips and tools to manage this challenge. It’s time to name it, face it, and heal from it.

Part 2: Music Matters: Healing from the Inside Out

Music is medicine and can heal an individual from the inside out. It has vast properties, and this portion will outline the physical, mental, and emotional effects in one’s life. Music is so powerful; it can help one speak again after surviving a brain injury and unlock an individual’s memory. It can boost our mood when depression and anxiety find its’ way into one’s life. Music can control our perspective and views on life. It can offer physical healing and restoration in one’s body and so much more. It is the life partner you didn’t know you needed until now!

Part 3: Let your Worship do the Work

Worship heals, restores, and produces victories. Worship is more than the lifting of hands, crying, bowing, and saying words of adoration. This final portion takes the participant on a personal journey to strengthen current worship practices, and in-turn, learn how to create and cultivate safe worship spaces for oneself and in the local church.

Black Methodists for Church Renewal

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Sponsored by Black Methodists for Church Renewal Advocacy Committee

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These courses are intended to equip, uplift and support all Laity Black Methodists for Church Renewal across all denominations, and the Church universal!

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Trauma Resiliency and Healing through Music and Worship—Speaker Bio

Camisha Chambers is a Cincinnati native. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Mount St. Joseph University. She has her Doctor of Ministry from United Theological Seminary that focuses on “Spiritual Cultivation and Trauma Healing Through Music Therapy” in places of worship and community settings. Additionally, she has her certificate in Music Therapy and Sound Healing through the University of Cincinnati’s “edonthego” program, holds a PROSCI Change Management Designation, and is a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach. Camisha dedicates her life to the betterment of others, and her passion comes alive whenever she can serve others. She is responsible for multiple local, regional, and statewide community initiatives, and her program initiatives have touched the lives of over 55,000 individuals combined. She loves helping others create a path to healing and wholeness in their lives so they can be their best self.

From 2013 - 2017, Camisha sat at the table in Washington, DC shaping federal policy around HIV/AIDS. In 2014, she served as a Principal Investigator for a year-long HIV research study with African American Churches and the UC Academic Research team. This project ended with a publication in the International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement. She has also developed several Health Braintrust workshop sessions for the Congressional Black Caucus under the direction of former Congresswoman Donna Christensen. She currently holds a national position within the United Methodist Denomination as the Executive Director of the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts. Additionally, Camisha proudly served as Board President & CEO for IVCHARIS, a 24-year-old parachurch non-profit located in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is well-versed in the areas of strategic planning, mobilization, change management, organizational development / branding, and networking / relationship building.

In 2000, Camisha received the Cinergy Multicultural Award. She was selected for the National Dean’s List in 2002, and again in 2004. She received the Miami University President’s Award in 2004. She was a YWCA Rising Leader in 2013 and was nominated for Miami’s 18of9 in 2014. Additionally, she was the recipient of the 2015 Women’s Social Justice Award at Mt. St. Joseph University. Camisha is very career, goal, and task oriented and takes immense pride in organizing stellar mobilization programs throughout the city of Cincinnati and State of Ohio.

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