2019 Holy Family's Summer Band Camps

  • Includes t shirt and snacks each day
  • Free water bottle!

Required for students enrolled in Band
  • Includes freshman polo, snacks and lunch each day

  • Includes t shirt and snacks each day
Those that register before June 1 get a free water bottle!

For more questions or concerns email Ms. Reynolds at laura.reynolds@holyfamilyhs.com

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I/we hereby authorize the staff of Holy Family Band Camp to act for the applicant according to their best judgement in providing or arranging for emergency care in any emergency circumstance requiring medical attention. In consideration of applicant being allowed to participate in the camp, I/we acknowledge that I/we have had the opportunity to determine the nature of the activity and the manner in which it will be conducted and having waived the right to obtain such knowledge, do hereby assume all risks arising from or connected with said activity and released Holy Family, their employees and agents, from all liablity of any kind or nature, whether caused in any way by the negligence of the released parties or not, arising from the applicant’s participation in the camp or presence on the camp premises.
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