The Diocese of Lafayette, Office of Marriage and Family Life will be hosting several opportunities to become a trained Prepare/Enrich Facilitator as well as an overview for those who already have a facilitator ID or would like a refresher on the assessment tool. The next training will be held at the Immaculata Center, 1408 Carmel Drive, Lafayette, from 9:00am-2:00pm on September 24, 2020. Upon completion, those registering for a Facilitator's ID, will be able to register couples and print out the results using their code. Those that register for the overview, will not receive a Facilitator's ID, however can still refer their couples to the Office of Marriage and Family Life to take their assessment. We will mail the assessment to you and you will be able to review the assessment with your couple using some of the techniques that Fr. Jude Halphen, Ph.D. will teach during the training.

This tool is used, not only with engaged couples preparing for marriage, but also with couples who seek you out to assist them with couples or marriage counseling. Prepare/Enrich is highly recommend for several reasons:

  1. Its ease of use. Couples take the tool on line in the privacy of their homes and then, once completed, you easily assess the results and discuss the issues with the couple.
  2. It identifies both areas of strength and weakness (growth areas) within the relationship and then allows you to distribute skills based worksheets to the couple to complete and discuss between them and with you in order to strengthen areas that need growth.
  3. Provides the facilitator with a COMPLETE twenty-five page assessment of the relationship as it stands at the present time and also provides each couple an 8 to 10 page couple’s report for them to take home and continue to discuss.
  4. Provides you with online help in the event that you are at a loss on how to discuss certain issues that come up with the couple.
  5. Provides you with the information as it pertains to each individual as well as a combined couples score for ALL of the areas evaluated by the assessment instrument.
  6. Involves only one day of training after which you will be certified to function as a facilitator.
  7. Cost ($175.00), per person, is affordable and provides you with a training kit with all the necessary information, a facilitator ID, the knowledge of a trained instructor, and a catered lunch.

For more information or questions, please call the Office of Marriage and Family Life, 337-261-5653 or email Kelley Chapman at

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