Thank you for supporting The Bennett Scholars Program at The Girls’ Middle School. Your generosity contributes to our goal to enroll ten new Bennett Scholars in the Class of 2025.

The Bennett Scholars Program is a cornerstone of the GMS mission that values the life-changing impact of an all-girls education and the importance of making that education accessible and inclusive.  Your support gives the next group of scholars the opportunity to find their voice, discover their passions and shape their own extraordinary story.

To purchase tickets or table sponsorships to the in-person breakfast or make a donation:







For Parent Volunteers
The Impact of Direct Donations to The Bennett Scholars Program

$132,000 - Supports a scholar for her full three years

$44,000 - Supports a scholar for one year

$22,000 - Supports a scholar for a half year

$10,000 - Contributes to scholarships and 1:1 academic tutoring

$7,500 - Contributes to scholarships and transportation

$5,500 - Contributes to scholarships and extracurriculars

$3,500 - Contributes to scholarships and lunches

$Other - A donation of any amount is appreciated and supports the life-changing educational opportunities provided through The Bennett Scholars Program.
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