Thank you for registering for Wildlife Images Homeschool Workshops! These workshops are a fun and engaging way for youth to learn about their natural environment. We’re so glad your child will be joining us! Just pick which session(s) you want your child to attend!

There is a minimum requirement of 4 students to make these workshops happen. If the minimum requirement of students isn't met, the workshop will be canceled and we will issue you a refund.



Week 1 - What is Wildlife Rehabilitation?

November 1st 10am-3pm

Week 2 - Rehab Science Lab: Animal Examinations!

November 15th 10am-3pm



  Week 3 - Intro to Veterinary Medicine

November 29th 10am-3pm

Week 4 - Rehab Science Lab: Animal ER!

December 13th 10am-3pm



Week 1 - Rehab Science Lab: Microscopy!

January 10th 10am-3pm



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Please register ONE child at a time to ensure
we have the proper information.

Please read the Homeschool Handbook before signing your child up for a workshop.
What is Wildlife Rehabilitation?
10am - 3pm
Rehab Science Lab: Animal Examinations!
10am - 3pm
Intro to Veterinary Medicine
10am - 3pm
Rehab Science Lab: Animal ER!
10am - 3pm
Rehab Science Lab: Microscopy!
10am - 3pm


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I have read and understand the Homeschool Workshop Handbook, including the cancellation and refund policy.
I hereby give my permission for images of my child, taken during Wildlife Images (WIREC) activities through video, photo and digital camera, to be used for the purpose of WIREC’s promotional material and publications, and waive any rights of compensation or ownership there to.
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