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Note: Only parents or legal guardians may register students using this online form. Your family must be registered with the St. Norbert parish office. If you are not registered with St. Norbert parish, please contact the Director of Religious Education about participating in the religious education program.

If you have any questions about CaFFE registration, please contact Mark Griswold, Director of CaFFE (Catholic Faith Formation & Education) phone 610-644-1655 ext. 114 or e-mail

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Yes, I am a St. Norbert parishioner.
If not, before you can continue on, please contact the Director of Religious Education about participating in the religious education program. Mark Griswold can be reached at (610)644-1655
Student Information
Was this child a student in St. Norbert CaFFE this past year (2020-2021)?
Was this child baptized at St. Norbert parish, Paoli, PA?
Note: For all CaFFE students not baptized at St. Norbert Church, a copy of the baptismal certificate must be on file in the religious education office.
EXAMPLE: St Patrick Cathedral, New York, NY
In regular M-F day school
If yes, please explain in "Additional Remarks" below.
Does this child have significant food or other allergies that may be relevant for any future CaFFE classroom or gatherings?
Please explain any special requests, special assistance needed, disabilities needing classroom support, or other specific considerations that would be important for us to know about this child (e.g. medical conditions, learning needs, seating requests, etc.)
If you have no more children to register,
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Family Information for the child(ren) above
Best email for communications regarding your child(ren)’s religious education. Please note: email is the primary means used to communicate with parents. It is important that this email is an active account that is checked regularly (periodic CaFFE emails will be sent to this address)
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General Information
Please enroll the above student(s) in one of the following programs:

Standard Program (Grades 1 - 7): This is our IN-PERSON WEEKLY program that utilizes the My Catholic Faith Delivered series that we have been using in our classes. Your child will be assigned a grade level classroom that is led by one of your weekly CaFFE teachers each Sunday morning. We meet at St. Norbert School from 10:10AM - 11:15AM. Your child will also be able to log into the online platform when at home. Teachers teach in-person for 3 out of 4 Sundays per month. There is flexibility if a student misses a class that they can make-up lessons using the online platform. This option is for those of you who believe your child needs a bit more structure and like the weekly scheduled commitment. * 7th grade students will be receiving study materials for preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 

Family Program (Grades 1-7):  SOLD OUT / FULL as of 9/7/21
This is our MONTHLY family program. We will be utilizing the FAMILY OF FAITH materials from Sophia Institute Press. This is a family-centered formation program that requires the leadership and participation of parents to be successful. Families will be working together on monthly theme. Parents are REQUIRED to attend a once a month Theology meeting at St. Norbert where you will be instructed on how to lead at-home lessons. The children will also meet at the same time at St. Norbert. This option follows the Church's official teaching that parents are the first instructors in the the faith for their children. * 7th grade students will be receiving study materials for preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 

Any questions, please contact Mark Griswold at

I give permission for my child(ren)’s photo to be used (without being identified) only for the parish bulletin or web pages of St. Norbert Parish.
Volunteer Service
I am willing to support the CaFFE program by volunteering:
Occasionally (standard fee will apply)
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A receipt will be e-mailed to this address.
I am the parent or legal guardian of the above child(ren) and I agree to abide by the traffic, drop-off, pick-up, and safety regulations the St. Norbert pastor and Director of CAFFE establish as necessary to help ensure child safety. I also agree to abide by the policies established by CAFFE in regard to the St. Norbert religious education program.
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