We are excited to have you register for TFC Teen Mission trips! We look forward to working with you in Christ's kingdom this year! To complete your registration, please enter $50 to pay the trip registration fee for now, or enter the full trip cost in the box next to the trip you are registering for below. Then hit the calculate total button and fill in answers to all the fields below. Chad will be in contact with you within a couple days to let you know what else may be required.  





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If you want to do more than one vbs week, please enter the additional weeks that you are registering for here.
Name of person to be contacted in case of an emergency.
Please describe any medical issues and the medications taken for them. Please tell us when medications should be taken.
I give permission in case of injury or illness for tfc leaders and any assistant working with them to seek medical attention as may be required for the above team member. i understand that the registrant should provide personal insurance to cover illness, accident, or injury as teens for christ or the missions leadership assumes no liability for such occurrences.
Such as diabetes, asthma, heart problems, depression, add, adhd, or any physical exercise limitations?
I Give Permission for TFC Leaders to give the above listed team member the following over the counter medicines:
Tylenol or Ibuprofen
Benadryl, Calamine, or Caladryl
Antacids or Pepto Bismal
Antibiotic Cream
Your Faith Story
You are expected to physically carry your weight of responsibility on your team. Is there any reason you cannot?
All donations are to be made from donors directly to TFC. All donations much be by check or online card use. No cash. A donor may give you a check made out to TFC for you to deliver to us, but at no time may the money be in your name.

SPECIFIC LIMITATIONS: The purpose of TFC Mission Teams is for ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His church to and through teens, not sightseeing or shopping. Any available sightseeing and shopping will be permitted only if it coincides with the team’s main purpose, but could be canceled if not deemed convenient for travel, time, or if it hinders ministry. Dates, travel arrangements and schedules are subject to change. Teams or teens may be switched in the event of any crisis—political, natural, mission related, or for disciplinary reasons. All registrations and contributions are for the ministry of Teens For Christ (not team members) and are non-refundable, non- transferable, not carried over for another year based on IRS guidelines.

Your participation on a TFC Missions team constitutes permission for your name and picture to be used in TFC publications. In the event of any cancellation (including no shows) after May 1, team member/leader may be held liable for airline penalty or entire cost of airfare and administration fee of $50. In the event of political unrest, natural disaster, or a problem with the hosting mission, TFC decides if and where to send a team. In the event that a team is cancelled for any reason or does not fill to minimum, team members will be assigned by TFC to another team which may or may not be in the same area of the world. Contributions are not refunded. Teens For Christ is a disciplined organization with trip regulations in many areas including conduct, dress and Christian testimony. Any member involved with drugs, or sexual immorality, according to our definition of Biblical standards, will be sent home at team member’s and/or parents’ expense, without granting any clemency, so as not to destroy the testimony of the team or mission with which we are working. Drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, stealing or open rebellion will not be tolerated. Due to the no pairing off policy, dating or engaged couples (or, in the discretion of TFC leaders, those acting as such) may not go on the same missions team (applies to team members and leaders).

Team members, leaders, and staff adhere strictly to TFC’s Mission policies and are subject to dismissal for disobedience, without refund or reimbursement. Team members, leaders and staff serve at their own risk, and TFC is not liable in the event of sickness, accident, death, terrorist acts or for transportation or any other expense beyond what is originally included in the trip cost. No weapons are allowed on any TFC Mission trip. This includes guns, knives, explosive devices or anything a TFC staff member deems to be a weapon.
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