Bishop Provost reminds us that the COVID-19 medical emergency is occurring during the Season of Lent when we are called to devote ourselves to prayer, fasting and almsgiving. In prayer we seek the Lord, by fasting we practice moderation, and through almsgiving we serve the poor and marginalized and address the many needs of our parishioners.

To address material needs, we must remember that the call to almsgiving continues even in times of emergency, just as the business and expenses of our church parishes continue. This is most apparent now when we find so many of our brothers and sisters in great need. Many of our parishes have online giving already in place. Please consider taking advantage of that opportunity to give or to mail in your offertory envelopes and donations, if you prefer. To assist those parishes who do not have online giving already established, we have made that option available for all parishioners. You can make a donation below and select your parish from the dropdown menu to properly direct your donation.
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