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FOCCUS is called an “inventory” and stands for Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding & Study. FOCCUS is a tool that guides healthy conversation on numerous topics, some of which, couples may have never previously discussed. The FOCCUS inventory is not a test or a predictive tool.  FOCCUS helps engaged couples understand individual lifestyle expectations and enhances your ability to communicate about marital topics such as personalities, interests, problem solving, intimacy, faith, and many others. The goal of your parish FOCCUS facilitator is to prepare you to build a strong marriage by lovingly guiding each engaged couple, facilitating conversations – even difficult conversations. The FOCCUS inventory is not a measure of compatibility, and no one can fail it. It is a snapshot in time of what you as an engaged couple are thinking right now, and you will grow and learn more about each other as you converse together over time. The FOCCUS inventory consists of dozens of topical statements you as a couple will respond to and discuss with each other, guided by your facilitator.


Here are the FOCCUS steps:

  1. Once your parish FOCCUS facilitator has asked you to complete the FOCCUS Inventory request form, please complete the form below in its entirety. 
  2. After you have completed the form and paid for the inventories, the Bride and Groom will each receive an email from FOCCUS within three to five business days with a link to access the inventory online.
  3. Once you receive your login credentials from FOCCUS, you are encouraged to set aside time to complete your inventories online separately, and then go out to dinner to discuss your thoughts and impressions prior to meeting with your parish FOCCUS facilitator for your first conversation facilitation time.
  4. The results will be sent to your parish FOCCUS facilitator within three to five business days after both the Groom and Bride have completed their inventories. Please be sure to provide the full and correct name and email address of your parish FOCCUS facilitator in order to avoid any delay in receiving results.

If you have any questions, please contact or the Diocese of Sioux City at 712-233-7527.

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