Walk in the footsteps of St Junipero Serra along the beautiful California Coast, and be forever transformed through a unique encounter with God, others, and self!  The Camino will go from Mission Santa Clara to the tomb of St Junipero Serra at Mission Carmel for the celebration of his feast day. 

The Camino consists almost entirely of pedestrian trails through redwood forests and along the Pacific Coast, with the exception of a couple small roads.  It includes Los Gatos Creek Trail, Bear Creek Redwood Preserve, Zayante Road, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, the beach, and the Monterey Peninsula Trail. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is going?

Pilgrims – adventurers open to an encounter with God, others, and self.

Be a part of the core group or join us for only a portion of the journey.  

  • A core group of 30 young adults (18+) led by Fr Thomas Vendetti, Fr Justin Kielhorn, and Br Joseph Mernagh will be doing the entire pilgrimage from start to finish. Overnight accommodations will be provided for this core group only. 
  • Families and others are welcome to join for the daytime pilgrimage, mass, and meals, but they will need to find their own accommodations. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

What should we bring?

The pilgrim carries everything in a backpack. 

We suggest the bare necessities:

  • Three pairs of clothing (it can be chilly in morning/evening)
  • Bathing suite
  • Comfortable hiking shoes (broken-in)
  • Toiletries
  • Sunblock
  • Towel
  • Backpack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Water bottle

Where will we stay?

The pilgrim has no permanent dwelling in this world. 

We will mostly stay in parish halls on the floor, except for camping at Manresa State Beach Campground (6/26).  There will be access to showers all but two nights (6/23, 6/25). 

What will we do for meals?

The pilgrim depends on the generosity of others. 

Volunteers will prepare all meals at the daily destination.  Breakfast and a packed lunch will be provided in the morning and a dinner in the evening.  Meals will have gluten free and dairy free options.   

What will we do for transportation?

The pilgrim walks everywhere. 

The entire pilgrimage will be on foot, with a few exceptions: 

  • Arrival (6/22): Pilgrims must find their own transportation to Mission Santa Clara. For those flying into San Jose, it is only a 3 mile walk to Mission Santa Clara. 
  • Shuttling: Transportation will be provided to shuttle a few miles to get to and from the overnight destination on Monday evening (6/24) and Tuesday morning (6/25).
  • Return (6/30): At 4pm after lunch at Mission Carmel, transportation will be provided back to Our Lady of Santa Clara Retreat Center (arriving around 6pm).
  • Departure (7/1): Pilgrims must find their own transportation to the airport or home.

What does a typical day look like?

The pilgrim is always searching for purpose and meaning. 

A typical day will consist of:

  • Morning: Mass, breakfast, pack up, and start walking.
  • Walk: Most days we will walk 10-12 miles. We will eat a packed lunch along with way. 
  • Evenings: Upon arrival we will settle in, have dinner, and share experiences from the day.

Registration options:

  • Daytime Pilgrims: Join us just for the day! You may participate in mass, meals, and the day’s journey, but you must find your own overnight accommodations.  Register by sending an email to caminoserra21@gmail.com letting us know the days and meals you plan to join us.  There is no fee for this, but donations are accepted (below). 
  • Overnight Pilgrims: Register below to stay overnight with the core group! This is limited to 30 per night and is only for young adults (18+). You may purchase the entire pilgrimage for $250 or pay $30 per day for the desired days. The fees covers overnight accommodations and supports the Camino Serra operations.
Entire Pilgrimage


Overnight Pilgrims
Select the dates you wish to attend

500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara
5:00pm Arrival and Check-in
Accomodations: SCU Dorm, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Showers

500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara
10:00am Mass - Walk 10 miles to St Mary
Accomodations: St Mary Parish Hall, Bathrooms

219 Bean Ave, Los Gatos
7:30am Mass - Walk 12 miles to Zayante
Accomodations: St John Parish Hall, Bathrooms, Showers nearby

120 Russell Ave, Felton
8:00am Mass - Walk 12.5 miles to Mission Santa Cruz
Accomodations: Santa Cruz Parish Hall, Bathrooms

120 Emmett St, Santa Cruz
8:30am Mass (in the mission chapel) - Walk 14 miles to Manresa State Beach
Accomodations: Manresa Camping, Bathrooms, Showers

205 Manresa Uplands Rd, Watsonville
8:00am Mass and breakfast at St Joseph Monastery (1671 Pleasant Valley Rd, Aptos)
Walk 10 miles to Moss Landing
Accomodations: Captain’s Inn, Bedrooms/Camping, Bathrooms, Showers

8122 Moss Landing Rd, Moss Landing
8:00am Mass at Our Lady of Refuge (11140 Preston St, Castroville)
Walk 10 miles to St Jude Church
Accomodations: St Jude Parish Hall, Bathrooms, Showers

303 Hillcrest Ave, Marina
8:00am Mass - Walk 10 miles to San Carlos Cathedral
Accomodations: YMCA Hall/Gym, Bathrooms, Showers

600 Camino El Estero, Monterey
7:00am Walk 6 miles to Mission Carmel
11:00 am Mass at Mission Carmel
3080 Rio Rd, Carmel-By-The-Sea
4:00 pm Return to OLSC, Cupertino
Accomodations: OLSC, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Showers

22840 Mercedes Rd, Cupertino
8:00am Mass

Total: $0.00
Future Commitment: $0.00

Volunteers: Participate in Camino Serra by feeding the pilgrims! Click here to sign up. 

  • Each destination is equipped with a kitchen (except for Manresa State Beach). Volunteers must provide all food and tableware as a donation (tax receipts provided).
  • The number of pilgrims for each meal will be determined a week prior. Please provide gluten free and dairy free options.
  • Breakfast and dinner will be prepared at the corresponding destination for the day. Lunch will be packed after breakfast.
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