The Starry, Starry Night Gala  

April 25, 2020


The Starry, Starry Night Gala is delving into the cradle of Western civilization this year. The Owens campus will become the magically radiant and profound country of Greece. Guests will begin the evening mingling and networking during the cocktail reception at Villa Donna. After a sit-down dinner at Spondi Restaurant, all guests will stroll through Grecian streets enjoying activities along the way.
A range of activities will offer guests a deeper understanding of the country. Whether it’s olive oil tasting, Olympic Games, mythological trivia, traditional Greek dances, karaoke, live music, or archery, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

At the end of the evening, back at Villa Donna, Dancing Dream Abba Tribute Band will take guests on a nostalgic trip back to the glitz and glamour of the 70s with music from the Broadway play Mamma Mia.
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