Lessons for a Good Death, Oregon Style
An Empowerment Workshop
Co-Sponsored by
PIMC & Eastside Village

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
1:00 - 3:00 PM

PIMC and Eastside Village invite you to an empowering and engaging workshop on a taboo subject - how to plan for your "good death".
Eastside Village, which is organizing this event, is a grassroots community organization in Portland that supports independent living for elders. And, the members of this group believe it is vitally important for people to get past the fear usually surrounding this topic, and examine it with clear eyes.... and even a little humor and a sense of enthusiasm.
Because, taking action to prepare for leaving this life on your terms will not only ensure that your wishes are honored, but will also make that transition so much easier for your family and the people who care about you.
And, Eastside Village will show you exactly to how do it!

Location: Portland Insight Meditation Center

Suggested Donation: $25 (To be split between EastSide Village and PIMC)

       NOTE: No one turned away for insufficient funds)

For More Information: Please email Derianna at: derianna_mooney@yahoo.com


Eastside Village is one of a constellation of 10 "villages" in the greater Portland area at all belong to a larger umbrella group, Villages Northwest. These local non-profit "villages" all spring from a national villages movement in the US, based on the idea that communities are stronger and work better when elders have the community-based support they need to allow them to age-in-place in their own homes. In return, a strong presence of visable, engaged elders creates multi-generational communities that can directly benefit from the wisdom and experience that elders offer. 


PIMC (Portland Insight Meditation Center) is a 501c3 non-profit and open Buddhist community that aims to help reduce suffering in the world. PIMC welcomes people of all faiths, orientations, genders, abilities, ages, and racial/cultural backgrounds.


Suggested Donation $25
(no one is ever turned away for lack of funds!)

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