Thank you for your interest in visiting Holden Village! Please carefully read all information below and complete the form to submit your reservation request for Winter and Spring 2022 (January 31- April 30, 2022).

You will receive a receipt from Acceptiva for your request and deposit. Your request will be reviewed for availability by Registration, a reservation entered if space is available, and a confirmation email sent back to you. If space is not available, Registration will reach out to inform you about other options. Thank you for being part of the Holden community! We look forward to welcoming you into the wilderness.

This request is not confirmed until confirmation is sent by the Holden Village Reservation System.

In peace,
Holden Village Registration

Deposit Calculation

Please select the number of people in your party. You can fill out this form for up to 10 people, though it is helpful if you make separate reservations based on who will be rooming or paying together. For parties greater than 10, please fill out multiple reservation requests.

Required deposit is first night's stay. 



(Ages 4 - 17)

(Ages 0 - 3)
Total: $0.00
Future Commitment: $0.00


I have read and understood the following (check box below to agree):

  • Holden Village Release Waiver and Code of Conduct
  • Community Health Protocols and Practices
  • Vaccination: I understand that everyone eligible for vaccination (currently age 5+) must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to arrive at Holden Village.
  • Screening: I understand that all guests are required to test negative for COVID-19 in the 3 days prior to traveling on the boat up to Holden Village. I also understand that youth age 4 will be tested by the Holden Medic upon arrival.
  • I agree to accept all terms and conditions associated with the above documents and assume all risks and responsibilities pertaining to my visit to Holden Village.
I have read and understood the above Release Waiver and Code of Conduct, Community Health Protocols and Practices, and agreements. I take responsibility to confirm that ALL members of this party understand and agree to the requirements stated here.
DATES (JANUARY 31- APRIL 30, 2022)

Please note that transport days through April 16, 2022 are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ONLY. April 17 we will add Sunday transport. Please plan on arriving and departing according to those transport days. 

Holden Village will be closed to guests on March 3, April 5, and May 10, 2022. Thank you for considering these dates when planning your visit!

We are full President's Day Weekend (February 18-21, 2022)

I am registering for the Women's Retreat Weekend (February 4-7, 2022)
If these dates are full, I would like to request these alternate dates:
If registered for my 2nd choice dates, I would like to remain on the waiting list for my 1st choice.
Reservation Primary Contact Guest #1

Please add additional guests and fill out information for the number of people on your reservation request. Names and dates of birth are REQUIRED for each guest.

Special Requests
E.g. first floor room, room near bathroom, crib, diaper service
Our kitchen needs to know any dietary needs for your party ahead of time in order to accommodate them- including specific names for party members with dietary requests is helpful. Write "none" if no dietary needs.
Payer Information
This is the address where your credit card statements are mailed.
A receipt will be e-mailed to this address.
I understand that my reservation is a request and is not confirmed at this time.
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