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Elementary & Middle School Athletic Director: Mary Beth Hewitt.

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Parents’ Code of Ethics

I will at all times during my child’s sports-related activities make his or her spiritual, emotional, and physical well being my number one priority.
I will lead by example in demonstrating Christian love, fair play, and sportsmanship to all players, fans, parents, and coaches.
I will only address officials, opposing teams’ players, parents, and coaches in a positive, respectful, and encouraging manner in the spirit of the game.
I will stand behind the coach and support his or her decisions at all times. I will not place the coach in a position to have to be concerned with my behavior rather than the game being played.
I will in no way disrupt the game that I am attending. I will express concerns regarding any rules or call only to the proper league officials through the proper channels, once the game has concluded.
I will remember that the game is for the children and not for the adults.


This league has adopted a Zero Tolerance position towards any coach or spectator who is removed from a game or gym by a referee. A coach or spectator who is removed from a game for any reason shall be suspended for the rest of the season. They will not be allowed to coach or attend games. There will be no appeal from the suspended parties whatsoever. The league will hold discussions with both coaches, referees, and other responsible parties to confirm that the referee in question acted in a professional manner. The league will not entertain any type of appeal regarding the suspension. I have read and accept the Parents Code of Ethics and agree to share this information with any and all person’s who will be with me in attendance at my child’s sporting events during the course of the season. I agree to abide by these codes as well as the rules, regulations, guidelines, and interpretations of the WHCSA. I understand that any violation of these by me or anyone in attendance with me is subject to review by the WHCSA.
I have read this statement, and I understand and voluntarily agree to its provisions.
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