The Diocese of Youngstown will offer a printed 2023-2024 Diocesan Directory to be published in late Fall 2023. 

Available by Pre-order ONLY; Order Deadline: September 15, 2023

  • This year's print edition will be available by pre-order only.
  • No extra copies of the directory will be printed. 
  • Print Diocesan Directories must be pre-ordered by September 15, 2023
  • Due to increases in the cost for paper and other materials, the price for the print directory has increased to $15 each.

Choose Paid Postage or Free Pick-up

  • You will receive an email when your pre-order is shipped or available for pick-up. 
  • Pre-ordered print Diocesan Directories will be available for free pick-up from our central offices at 144 West Wood St., Youngstown, OH 44503. 
  • Shipping for the print 2023 Diocesan Directory will be charged at-cost for postage, sent by USPS for single copies and UPS for sets of 5+ copies.
  • If you wish to ship a number of directories between sets of 5, then add single and sets of directories plus postage (ex: 8 shipped directories = 1 Set of 5 with Postage + 3 Single with Postage).

Receive PDF Directory by Email

  • A free PDF version of the Diocesan Directory will be emailed to all diocesan offices, parishes and schools as part of their contribution to The Catholic Echo, regardless of whether or not they order a print edition.
  • All who pre-order the print 2023 Diocesan Directory will also receive a copy of the PDF by email.
  • Updates will be emailed periodically throughout the year until June 2024.

Digital Directory Coming Soon

Starting in 2024-2025, the Diocesan Directory information will be available to the public as a searchable, digital directory at





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