Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lake Charles have a long-standing tradition of serving students, many of which are the second and third generation to attend their school. On August 27, Hurricane Laura devastated our community, battered us with Category 4 winds and rain. Left battered, the unthinkable happened six weeks later as our schools and community were hit once again, this time from Hurricane Delta.

As the damage reports are finalized, our schools sustained approximately 35 million dollars in damages and many families have been displaced from their homes. Yet, through it all, our faith and steadfast hope that Catholic schools would not lose their place in our community remained strong. Our schools, like the students we serve and communities we share, have been hit hard by storms that have left us staggered but not beaten. 

Bishop Glen John Provost immediately made a commitment that schools and their re-opening were a top priority. Through the tireless efforts of our school communities, all students are receiving face-to-face instruction. All of our campuses are repairing damages and three of our campuses will be in temporary buildings as their campuses are repaired and rebuilt.

Yet, amidst all of this tragedy and with Covid-19 restrictions, students come. They show up in the morning, eager to see their teachers, to learn and to pray. Families have lost their homes, their businesses and yet still they find ways to support their Catholic schools.

The Bishop’s Hurricanes Recovery Fund hopes to assist families to continue bringing their students to school. This fund will grant tuition scholarships to families of current students who have experienced losses due to Hurricanes Laura and Delta. Due to a generous donation, Bishop Provost will match up to $500,000 of donations collected.

No donation is too small, and every donation can make a difference in a child being able to continue to receive a Catholic education. The history of our schools and the success of our students have proven that Catholic education is a gift, not only to our students, but to our community and to our Church. Our schools appreciate your donation and your prayers!

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