It is the opening night of Hollywood's latest blockbuster film "Undercover & Dangerous." The stars of the movie, directors and production team have gathered together at Graumann's Chinese Restaurant for the premiere screening of the film. Unfortunately midway through their glitzy cocktail reception and vegetarian Chinese dinner, disaster strikes! The promotional stunt goes horribly wrong!
Tom Spanks, the star of the movie, was scheduled to jump out from between the sheets of the mock bed in the foyer waving his gun and quoting some lines from the film.
Instead the sheets twitch and then...nothing. Tom fails to materialize. On investigation, the star is not just undercover - he's dead as well!
The question is Who Killed Him?
Join us for this family fun interactive murder mystery dinner. Great entertainment and a fine vegetarian Chinese Dinner.
Guess the murderer and win fantastic prizes!!!!

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