**Online parking spot sales will be available starting August 8th. Please note that your student will still need to wait in line starting August 9th even if a pass is purchased online. 


Parking Passes

  • Who: Seniors from 8am-10am 
    • Juniors and Sophomores from 10am-noon  
    • Any student may purchase a parking space throughout the school year if spaces are available.
  • What: Student Parking Spot purchase and registration
  • Where: Dean's Office  
  • When: Starting August 8th
  • How: Wait in line, choose your spot, pay the fee, register your car and driver
    • Cost $200 pay cash or check at registration, follow link to pay online at jca-online.org, Student, Parking Pass 
    •  Know the make, model, and license plate number of the car you will be driving.
    • Show your current, valid driver’s license, or a photocopy of the student's license. 
    • A student may register for one other student if they have a photocopy of that student’s valid license. A senior may not register for an underclassman

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