Kevin Oestman
Belize Quizzing Trip

Goal: $900

Received: $975


Belize Bible Quizzing Mission Trip "2019 National Bible Quiz Tournament"

Dear Ministry Partner,

Last March a small team from Teens For Christ spend a week in Belize running a national tournament at the end of their regular Bible quiz season. Most of the teens who attended had memorized multiple chapters from 1 Corinthians.

Last August, Kevin helped lead a team of teens who worked to introduce Bible quizzing at a couple new churches and to many Belizean youth at a camp.

This April, Kevin will be a part of the team helping to run the Belize Bible Quiz Fellowship National Tournament. In addition to 4-5 hours of Bible quiz competitions each day, we will be running a summer Bible camp during the week. Teens will be placed on different teams and compete in various sports, activities, meals and messages together. We believe this event is a powerful spiritual experience for the youth of Belize who rarely get to leave the villages where they live. Belizean youth would not experience youth programming in Christian community with others outside their little villages if these events of quizzing over God's Word did not exist.

Kevin will be in Belize for three days before the tournament starts to meet with new pastors and introduce Bible quizzing in new areas. Our prayer is that we will find a couple new places for our summer team of teens to introduce the program and help many more youth of Belize to learn God's Word through participating in Bible quizzing.

By supporting Kevin, you are helping to make this trip a reality and are offering incredible spiritual opportunities for the youth of Belize.

Our hope is that everyone who reads this letter will regularly pray for Kevin during his time in Belize. Your help is sought in another way too. Kevin needs to find those who will contribute one-time gifts to provide the funds required to cover his expenses and make this mission trip a reality. As he has already covered some of the costs, his fundraising goal for this trip is only $900.

Would you consider partnering with Kevin in Kingdom work through a gift toward this endeavor? To join the team, simply fill out the information on this page to make a donation.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration,

Chad Peterson
Teens For Christ, Associate Director

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