The story of Ignatius Cardinal Pin-Mei Kung is the story of a hero – a man who refused to renounce God and His church, through 32 years of solitary imprisonment and house arrest; a man who inspired his countrymen to preserve the Roman Catholic faith under persecution in a communist country.

The underground church is in its 73nd year of persecution under the current communist government.  Since the signing of the Provisional Vatican-China Agreement in 2018, the persecution has intensified to force the underground bishops and priests to join, and to pledge obedience to the Independent Patriotic Association.  Under the Agreement, Pope Francis has recognized ALL Patriotic Bishops including 8 Bishops excommunicated by the late Pope Benedict XVI.  In spite of this significant concession to the Chinese government, Vatican failed to obtain work permit for Roman Catholic bishops & clergy to carry out their ministry.   

The government explained that underground clergy who refused to join the Independent church is DISOBEDIENT TO POPE FRANCIS who has already given the management of the catholic diocese in China to the Independent Patriotic Church.  To preach Christ's gospel, the underground bishops and clergy suffer harassment, arrest, brain washing, significant fines. All these atrocity is happening with the full knowledge of Vatican.  

Vatican encourages Roman Catholic clergy and Bishops to register and join the Independent church in order to achieve 'UNITY' in the Catholic Church in China, even an 'UNITY' under the Independent Patriotic church.

The Foundation's sole mission is to help the underground church in China. Your donation will help its survival.  Currently all open churches in China are under the Independent Church.  The Patriotic Bishop Conference is supervised directly by the Chinese Communist Party.  Its members consisted of Independent church clergy, lay faithful and government officials. This bishop conference is NOT recognized by Vatican even to this day.  Attendance in the Patriotic Church's Masses and services will be considered by the everyone in China as your approval of the Independent church.   The Patriotic Bishops while accepted by Pope Francis also openly continue to proclaim its independence and to use religion to promote the communist party policy and agenda.

Tthe Cardinal Kung Foundation is a non profit organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Codes. All donations are tax deductible in the United States to the fullest extent of the law.

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Where it is needed most. The current intense persecution requires us to be flexible to meet the unexpected needs of the underground church.
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Sadly, this is NOT a priority of the Holy See. We need your support urgently. The cause of Cardinal Kung will be a strong affirmation to the continued suffering of the underground church whose suffering continues into the 73rd years. Ignatius Kung accepted the consecration to Bishop when the persecution has already started. As a good shepherd, he chose to remain in China with his flock. He refused to negotiation for his own freedom and comfort. He became one of the longest prisoners of conscience in the world suffered 32 years of imprisonment, and isolation. He refused the leadership in the Independent church that is now supported by the current Pontificate. His fidelity and heroic life inspired thousands in china to remain faithful, to the Roman Catholic Church at all cost.
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In spite of the Vatican-China Provisional Agreement which has been renewed twice, Pope Francis has failed to obtain government work Permits for the Roman Catholic bishops/clergy. The Pope's own bishops/clergy in China continue to be illegal and must carry out their ministry underground. The Vatican's directive encourage underground priests & bishops to join the independent Patriotic church, to promise total obedience to the independent church, to promote the communist party under the military department. To remain true to the gospel the government has increased persecution. Seminaries, convents and churches have been raided and closed. Clergy and bishops were arrested and given heavy fine for offering Masses, visiting the dying and praying at funerals. Following the Vatican policy, major religious orders give active support and donations to the Patriotic bishops. The underground church feels abandoned by the universal church. Your charity is critical to sustain the underground diocese.
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Even under the most difficult situation, the underground Church is blessed with many vocations. We support seminarians, priests & nuns in China as well as in overseas seminaries. Many are pursuing advanced degrees. Many graduates had already returned to serve the underground dioceses in China.
Your donation will significantly affect the future of the Roman Catholic Church in China.
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This "illegal" orphanage is supervises by an underground bishop. It was raided by the government during the past 2 years because Bishop Jai refused to join the INDEPENDENT Patriotic Association to pledge loyalty to its bishops. We continue to support these Catholic orphans when they seek help from their bishops and nuns. Your donation is specially important during the COVID-19 period when food price has double. Donations will directly benefit these orphans.
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Sponsor the training and living expenses of Novices, Postulants or nuns in China at $100 for a 6-mos. sponsor period. In appreciation of your support, that convent will remember in their daily community prayers your intentions.


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A Mass is the most most precious gift for any occasions. Each Mass will be offered by an underground clergy specifically for your single intention stated below.  100% of the stipend will be given to that priest who offer your Mass to support his living expanses and pastoral activities.

During the past year, many donors wish to send a higher stipend to support that priest who offers his/her Mass.  Since the online system did not have that option, the donor must send a check to the Foundation.   You can now offer an optional donation for this priest.   This amount will not be use for general purposes.  Thank you for your charity.  Your support is very important to the underground clergy.  




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