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Thank you for choosing to help support You Shall Believe Ministries and the New Evangelization Plan. We appreciate your commitment to help share the miracles and messages given to us from Jesus as He has asked us, "Help Me get My children back".

Your generosity will enable us to continue the New Evangelization Plan by meeting our Goals and our Game Plan below.

The New Evangelization Plan:
Our Goals:
  1. Increase belief that the Consecrated Bread and Wine are truly the Body and Blood of Christ, and thereby bring dignity back to the altar.
  2. Increase participation at Mass and devotion to the Eucharist during and outside of the Mass.
  3. Increase Eucharistic Adoration; strive for Perpetual Adoration.
  4. Increase Confession lines.
  5. Increase Consecration for Families.
  6. Organize, train, and equip A New Evangelization army, in response to the call of Pope John Paul ll. This army will be committed to turning our culture from a vice-driven culture back to a virtue-driven culture.
Our Game Plan:
  1. Arrange hundreds of parish presentations (Live & DVD).
  2. Arrange thousands of in-home DVD presentations.
  3. Form thousands of weekly Love and Mercy Prayer Cenacles.
  4. Promote the “Action Plan” that has been developed for after the initial presentation.
  5. Read the “Formational Teachings” given to us by Jesus and Mary. They will be leading us.
  6. We need your prayers and financial help if possible to begin an advertising campaign to share the scientific evidence of the Truth of the Eucharist and the Words from Heaven given to us by Jesus and Mary for the world.
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