This study is for Adults aged 28-39. Join us for a 28-week study of The Acts of the Apostles beginning September 7th.  The price for this study is $50.

The Acts of the Apostles is the first history of the Church, and as such, merits a study as careful as it is well-researched. Luke’s motive in writing this book was very simple: to defend and teach the new faith in a beautiful work of apologetics.

 In 28 comprehensive lessons, you will learn:

  • How the Apostles’ message of repentance is just as vital for us today
  • Why the Church was able to survive brutal, constant persecutions
  • How we can be filled with the same Holy Spirit that inspired Peter, Paul, and all the early Christians

The Acts of the Apostles are the acts of those with hearts on fire. We are called to the same fearless love, no matter what challenges or persecutions come our way.


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