Thank you for using our online payment option for Nationals 2021! The total cost for this event is $355 for Quizzers, assistant coaches and adult spectators, and $315 for table officials. However, only the $100 registration fee is due by Jan. 16th.

Please complete your registration fee payment below. NOTE: You may only register one Bible Quizzing participant at a time; multiple participants will require multiple transactions

The cost for Nationals can be paid in three separate payments, as described below: 

$100 of the total cost is due as a registration fee NO LATER than Jan. 16th, 2021.
A second $100 will be due before we leave for the Iowa Invitational Feb. 26-27.
The final balance will be due at Regional Quiz Tournament March 26-27


Total: $0.00
Future Commitment: $0.00
Participant Information
(include this year, not Jr. Quizzing)
My chapter coverage by the end of the regular season
will be best described as:
Matthew 1
Matthew 2
Matthew 3
Matthew 4
Matthew 5
Matthew 6
Matthew 7
Matthew 8
Matthew 9
Matt. 10
Matt. 11
Matt. 12
Matt. 13
Matt. 14
Matt. 15
Matt. 16
Matt. 17
Matt. 18
Matt. 19
Matt. 20
Matt. 21
Matt. 22
Matt. 23
Matt. 24
Matt. 25
Matt. 26
Matt. 27
Matt. 28
Quizzers should expect to be at all tournaments (Iowa, Regionals and Nationals) and at least 3 regularly scheduled practices. If not, please indicate which ones you will miss
Assistant Coach
Table Official
Table officials should be available for Regionals, the Iowa Invitational, and Nationals. Talk to Jim C. if you cannot attend one of those tournaments.

Please indicate how much experience you have had at each position. For local experience, include this year as 1 year, for nationals, do not include this year.
Local Experience
National Experience
Payer Information
This is the address where your credit card statements are mailed.
A receipt will be e-mailed to this address.
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