Please use this page to register as a volunteer for Night to Shine
which is February 7, 2020.
A confirmation will be e-mailed to this address.
Volunteers 18 and under
If you are under the age of 18, a permission slip signed by your parent/guardian is required to volunteer.

Please click HERE for a copy of the volunteer permission slip for volunteers ages 14-18.
(if under 18)
(if under 18)
Additional Information
Background checks are required for ALL volunteers over the age of 18.
If no, please click this link to complete a background check.

Former Special Needs Skills/Training (please check all that apply):
Fluent in American Sign Language (ASL)
Special Education Teacher
Healthcare Professional
(if so, please list field below)
Please explain

(we will consider your request but cannot guarantee a specific role)
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