In his Bishop’s Services Appeal message, Bishop Provost shares the following, “In the history of the Catholic Church, Catholic leaders would encourage the building of massive and beautiful buildings by the people.  People responded.  They responded with hope and fervor.  They responded by giving their time, talent, and treasures.  A historian once asked the question why people could accomplish so much by giving their time, talent and treasure, and his conclusion was that our ancestors had two things at their core: hope and faith.  Hope and faith are necessary for our response to God’s challenge in living the Christian message.  When Saint Francis of Assisi heard the Voice of Christ speak to him the words, ‘Rebuild my Church’, he did that and the church that he rebuilt stood as a testament to his faith.  There is much to be rebuilt during these difficult times.  Families are struggling, children feel alone, and individuals look for meaning in life.  Our response of faith and hope in rebuilding the Church of Christ is the mission we embrace in the Diocese of Lake Charles. 

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