In his Bishop’s Services Appeal message, Bishop Provost reminded us of the words of I Corinthians 12:27, “Now you are Christ’s body, and individually part of it.”. Bishop also shares, “In many ways, what once appeared stressful no longer does, and what was once taken for granted can no longer be. Yet as much as we would welcome a return to normalcy, we have, amidst the uncertainties and difficulties of this year, continued to press forward with the everyday duties of life, and with the Advent season upon us, we are reminded of the need to continue on our path.” Of the many important ministry paths of the Diocese of Lake Charles, BSA helps support the day-to-day costs of Catholic Education, Youth Ministry, Vocations and Seminarian Education, Catholic Charities, Family Life, the Seafarers Center, the Tribunal, Diocesan Counseling, Evangelization, Communications, and the Saint Charles Center. As we continue to move forward with these and other important ministries, Bishop reminds us that, “During this holy season, we continue to press forward as a community of faith, united in our efforts and eagerly awaiting the Prince of Peace, whose birth under the most trying of conditions reveals that the true desire of our hearts is not for normalcy – but for peace.”

I wish to answer God’s challenge and support the 2020-2021 Bishop’s Services Appeal with an electronic one-time payment or with regularly scheduled payments via electronic checking or credit card, as indicated:

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