In his Bishop’s Services Appeal message, Bishop Provost reminded us of the words of Proverbs 29:18, “Without a vision, the people lose restraint.” Bishop also shares, “In light of the events of 2020 and 2021, we need to renew our vision in the Diocese of Lake Charles. Our Recovery Efforts are making progress with the limited funds that we have available, but without all of us working together, we will forget to maintain a vision. And, my friends, let us not forget that the vision is not ours. Any vision to meet its goal must have Christ at the center.” Of the many important ministries of the Diocese of Lake Charles, BSA helps support the day-to-day costs of Catholic Education and Religious Education, Catholic Charities, Communications, Youth Ministry, Vocations and Seminarian Education, Family Life, the Seafarers Center, the Tribunal, Diocesan Counseling, Evangelization, and the Saint Charles Center. As we continue to move forward with these and other important ministries, Bishop reminds us that, “The vision offered by Christ should give purpose and direction to each Christian. Storms have surrounded us and sickness has tried to overcome us, but with our eyes on Christ we can walk confidently through these trials. No One less than Christ, our Lord, is our goal.”

I wish to answer God’s challenge and support the 2021-2022 Bishop’s Services Appeal with an electronic one-time payment or with regularly scheduled payments via electronic checking or credit card, as indicated:

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