In his Bishop’s Services Appeal message, Bishop Provost reminded us of the words of I Corinthians II:23a, “For I received from the Lord what I handed on to you.” He also explained, that is the Tradition of the Church, as the word tradition in Latin means a “handing on,” and what it means to be Catholic, “giving what Christ has given us”, as St. Paul tells us. This year’s appeal continues to help support the day-to-day costs of Catholic Education, Youth Ministry, Vocations and Seminarian Education, Catholic Charities, Family Life, the Seafarers' Center, the Tribunal, Diocesan Counseling, Evangelization, Communications, and the Saint Charles Center. The generosity of the parishioners of the Diocese of Lake Charles helps to assure that all of these ministries are sustained by following the timeless Catholic Tradition of “giving what Christ has given us.”

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